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Updated: Sep 8, 2023

What a Feeling!
First 2 Strike Freestyle Martial Arts - A Sense of Achievement

It takes time to achieve anything in life. Anything worth anything never comes easy. It's usually preceded by alot of hard work, suffering, heart-ache, sweat and tears and many moments of anguish, despair and feelings of quitting.

But that’s what makes it worthwhile. That’s what gives you that “feeling”, that “sense of achievement”.

That "feeling" is one of the most amazing feelings you will ever feel as a human being. And it can be addictive!

Martial Arts is a pathway to a "sense of achievement'.

You begin your walk at the trailhead, with no real understanding of what lies before you. You may have a topographical map, which would be a good idea, that shows you the terrain, elevations, the path you can take etc, but it doesn’t let you know the toll it may take on your mind and body. Four hours later, after a hell of a climb you come to the summit. You've reached the top. You're tired, drained, legs sore, hungry and worn out and depleted. Finally, as you gain your composure, you look into the horizon, at the beautiful landscape before you and a sense of wonder takes over you, over your body and your mind, as the rush of adrenaline flows through your veins. All those feelings of tiredness and whatnot start to disappear, almost immediately. You become overwhelmed by the beauty that surrounds you and this “feeling”, this sense of achievement, that you’re unable to put into words. Yet, you want to share it with the world! And not only that, you want more. Like a drug that’s lost its potency, you want something harder to challenge you, to push you and drive you past your limits and into the danger zone of discomfort just so you can have that “feeling” come back again.

This is what it's all about. This is what gives you life. It’s what makes you feel alive. Makes you come alive! It breeds passion and love for life. It makes life worth living. It’s excitement, it’s adventure, it’s life affirming!

First 2 Strike Freestyle Martial Arts

Martial Arts creates a doorway into that “feeling” that “sense of achievement”. How you might ask?

Martial Arts gives you the map, just like for your hike, and just like your hike it doesn’t give you information on the effects it will have on your mind and body. That will unveil itself in time. And it's for your eyes only, if you know what I mean...

Each new technique and/or concept you learn and master becomes another achievement.

Each time you spar and are able to finally execute that technique you've been working on; swing that kick, throw that punch, block that attack, get that submission, that hold, or that throw. Or, win that fight! What an achievement!

Each belt level ranking you achieve, is an achievement.

Then one day you reach the coveted Black Belt, that has had you work your ass off! Whoa, now that's an achievement!

To achieve your Black Belt, you’ve had to commit and dedicate years, week-in, week-out, year after year. Fight not only your training partners, but also your inner self’s constant negative voice and boogyman, the saboteur, ready in waiting for you to allow him the throne to your mind. The many moments of quitting and giving-in to your self doubts. The many cuts and bruises, twisted ankles, sprained fingers and rattled jaw bone to overcome. The sweat, and more sweat dripping onto the mats from push up after push up, sit ups, running, drills and sparring and whatever else you've had to do to be ready and prepared for such a ranking.

You've had to endure many moments of self-doubt, apprehension, anxiety, hesitation, and fear.

“I can’t do this” screaming through your mind, and sometimes even at your instructor!

“I’m no good at this”

“I’m not fit enough”

“I don’t know what I’m doing”

“I’m scared”

“There’s no way I can do that”

“How am I going to find the time?”

“I’m injured”

"I'll never get it"

…and god knows what else. So many more words voiced by your inner fears, that by the time you achieve your black belt, you’ve learned to overcome, silence, beat and gain victory over, even when you thought, nay, believed , that you never could. And the more you’ve had to overcome, the larger the dosage of that ‘sense of achievement' will be flowing through your veins, and the stronger that "feeling" will be.

Your tears, become tears of joy. Your life takes on new meaning. You feel a sense of satisfaction, a sense of happiness and you feel good about yourself. You feel good about yourself because you feel a sense of achievement.

There is no "chicken or the egg" thingy. It starts with your own personal "sense of achievement".

See you at training…


Pil Sung (Certain Victory)

Vince Serra (First 2 Strike Freestyle Martial Arts)

11 Princes hwy, Figtree, Wollongong 2525 NSW


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