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Martial Arts Classes

Junior F2S

(4 to 9 y/o)
FIGTREE - Monday & Wednesday - 5:00pm (45mins)

WOONONA - Friday - 4:30pm (45mins)

Our kids today are faced with many challenges in life, from unhealthy lifestyles, technology distractions, lack of motivation, negative peer pressures, and unfortunately for some, bullying, just to name a few. Things have definitely changed alot over the past 20 to 30 odd years, I'm sure you'll agree. Martial Arts can be a way for parents to expose their children to a different type of education that promotes physical, emotional and mental wellbeing, that can impact the child's life now and far into adulthood.

We teach a system that combines different concepts, techniques and methods into a martial art suited to the individual, while also promoting health and fitness, confidence, discipline and respect.
A mixed martial art for Self Defence!

Improving social skills and enhancing self-confidence
Understanding the importance of commitment and discipline
 Goal-setting and the power of achievement
Increasing focus, energy and concentration
Learning a practical Self-Defence System
Enjoying significant gains in overall fitness and flexibility levels
The 5 tenets - Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self Control and Indomitable Spirit.
Protecting themselves against bullying
Team, friends and working together
And most of all, become part of a great club with a friendly, safe and fun environment.


The Classes are a mixture of KIDS (aged 4-6) and JUNIORS (aged 7-9)
They will learn;
Punches - Kicks - Blocks - Combinations - Sparring - Close Range - Mitt Work - Bag Work and more…

Pil Sung - Certain Victory

 Adults & Teens


Monday & Thursday

Adult/Teens - 6pm (1hr)

Adults - 7pm (1hr)

Wednesday (Teens) - 5:45pm (1hr)

We teach a free flowing practical style of Martial Arts that focuses on Self Defence. 

First 2 Strike Freestyle Martial Arts, is a freestyle martial art,

that evolves with its practitioners while learning from the great martial arts to create an effective and powerful Self defence.

It's something in between, unique and different, with no competition pressure.

Build Confidence, strengthen your focus and improve your fitness.

We are training to prepare both body and mind.

The Competition is with Yourself.

You will learn;

Punching - Kicking - Blocking -Combinations - Sparring - Close Range - Mitt Work - Bag Work - Joint Locks and more…

The Adult program is reflected through our 9 coloured belt system, which takes you from White to Black Belt. Students will be invited to grade from the Head Instructor when they have attended enough classes and display the appropriate skill level and attitude for that belt. Tip Testing is a grading technique we use to motivate and reward students for reaching milestones in between belt gradings. 'Tip Testing' is carried out every 6 weeks, and students must complete a minimum of 12 classes before they can be tested.


Pil Sung (Certain Victory)

Adult F2S
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