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  • Are there any hidden fees?
    No. No Registration Fees. No Lock-in contracts. No Cancellation Fees. No Insurance Fees. No Grading fees*. No extra GST. The weekly fee is all inclusive. *There is a fee starting from your RED Belt Gradings and above, which are for teens and adults ONLY. And a little more for your Black Belt grading, because your black belt has to be ordered, and comes with embroidery of your Name, the martial arts club (First 2 Strike) and the Club Motto (Pil Sung), and Dan Stripes when you're eligible. There are 2 options available for you, depending on your preference and budget.
  • Do I need to wear a uniform, and what equipment will I need?
    When you first start, just a t-shirt and comfortable track pants or shorts or similar, will do the trick. Once you're ready, you can order the uniform from us, which also comes with your White belt. You're also not required to wear the jacket in training, just the pants and White T-shirt will be fine, its' up to you. You will require gloves, which you can also order from us. All other equipment, like focus mitts, bags, etc...will be supplied. So basically all you'll need is a uniform and a pair of gloves and most importantly a GREAT ATTITUDE!
  • I am so unfit! I'll never be able to keep up. I feel embarrassed about how unfit I am!
    No need to feel this way. If that is what's stopping you from embarking on a journey into the martial arts, don't let it! The training will get you fit, slowly but surely, in time, and classes are developed so every person can train to the best of their ability. As you progress through the belt levels, intensity and difficulty grows, but always bear in mind, it's to the best of your ability, to the level of your capabilities. Sure you will be challenged, but it wouldn't be worth it if you're not.
  • I have never done any martial arts before. I'm an absolute beginner. Can I still come and train?
    Absolutely! 100% you can. We all start that way, I know I sure did, and let me tell you, I was pretty hopeless; no flexibility, no fitness or stamina, no coordination, and I looked pretty terrible doing it. But that's ok, slowly, with effort, time, dedication and commitment, and more importantly a GROWTH mindset, you can improve and become the best martial artist you can be!
  • How many classes are recommended per week?
    I do recommend 2 classes per week as a minimum, but I also understand that may not be possible, or possible every week, and that's still ok. Do the best you can, that's more important, and that goes with the time spent in class, just do to the best of your ability. Give it your best. That's all that matters.
  • Can I wear runners, or do I have to train barefoot?
    That's totally up to you. As we do a Practical Self-Defence, it doesn't matter, and wearing runners can add to the realism. You can also buy martial arts shoes, which are very comfortable as well. But again, that's up to you. I personally train in either martial arts shoes, or barefoot, depending on how I feel.
  • How long does it take to achieve Black Belt?
    As the saying goes, "how long is a piece of string?" It really is up to you! The average time, if you train twice per week consistently, could take around 5 years. It really is the journey that matters, and whether it takes you 5 years or 10 years, it doesn't matter, you will learn alot, and have a great journey, and hopefully create some long-lasting friendships and memories along the way. I know I did.
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