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Updated: Aug 12, 2022

Why would you encourage your kids to join a martial arts club and learn martial arts? The usual suspects come too mind; confidence, self-esteem, focus, discipline and the like. And these are all definitely top notch reasons. They do learn and develop these in the practice of martial arts. Many schools promote it, because it’s true. These benefits go hand in hand. A ‘side effect’ if you will to the years of study in any particular martial art discipline. But the benefits don’t end there. The benefits are personal, catered to the individual and their own journey.

Our kids today are faced with many ‘new’ challenges in life, that weren’t there as we adults grew up. Technology has changed society far beyond our ability to keep up with it, and that has trickled down to our kids. Creating unhealthy lifestyles, technology distractions, ‘screen time’ - indoor time - and lack of outdoor play, added on to that the busy schedules kids are involved in these days, and unfortunately for some, bullying is still rearing its ugly head. Things have definitely changed alot over the past 20 to 30 odd years, which I'm sure you'll agree. Martial Arts can be a way for parents to expose their children to a different type of education that promotes physical, emotional and mental wellbeing, that can impact the child's life now and far into adulthood.

We at First 2 Strike Freestyle Martial Arts promote an overall well being that includes, stretches to help build flexibility and muscle strength, stamina exercises to build fitness, skills of self defence against attackers and bullies, coordination through practice and repetition, gradings to challenge and understand goal setting, which also include board breaks to strengthen ones focus, and more.

Here are 10 reasons why your child should take up Martial Art;

1. Enhancing Self-Confidence

Although very cliche, the truth is, martial arts builds Self Confidence! Period. Through the training, encouragement, support and understanding they gain from practicing martial arts, their confidence grows.

2. Understanding the importance of Commitment and Discipline

Commitment and discipline are the cornerstone of reaching your goals, of achievement. They go hand in hand, together, connected at the hip. Without them, failure is immanent. With them success is assured.

Martial arts is built on the foundation of commitment and discipline. It's the soil from where all grows, and so will your child.

3. Goal-Setting and the Power of Achievement

Goal setting leads to achievement, and that feeling of accomplishment that builds self esteem, self worth and value in oneself. as you child progresses through the martial art, improving and developing, and "grading" for their next belt, and achieving their next belt, that feeling of accomplishment is inevitable. It's also addictive!

4. Strengthens Focus

With the abundant levels of distractions kids are faced with these days, it's no wonder many may struggle with focusing on anything. It's not their fault. But we can help. Martial arts, through its repetition and practice, techniques and concepts and its vigorous training, can help develop focus and build concentration levels in your child.

Through every punch, every kick, every block and every technique, the only way to do it well is to focus and to concentrate. It's the only way, thereby there's no escaping it!

5. Helps improve school grades

Confidence, Focus, concentration, self esteem, self worth, and value in oneself, spreads to all facets of your life. So of course, school, and whatever that entails, would be no exception.

6. Learning a practical Self-Defence System

Having the skills, the know-how, the understanding of how to protect yourself, and your love ones, is priceless. Your child armed with this knowledge, can never be underestimated. Though there are mostly boys who are drawn to martial arts, generally speaking, the benefits for your little girl far surmount that of the boys, as your little girl grows into adolescence and then a woman. For her, it could be life saving!

7. Enjoying significant gains in overall fitness.

Screen time is taking away from exercise time. martial arts classes and create that routine, that gets them off those trancing screens, outside the house, in a social environment and exercising. As we know, exercising leads to fitness. Viola!

8. Protecting themselves against Bullying

Nobody like to be bullied. It leads to fear and anxiety, isolation and to depression. That's the last thing you want for your child. It destroys their self esteem, self worth and confidence, shuts down their voice and crushes their spirit.

Martial Arts is the antitheses of all that. It's the rival, the arch enemy, the enemy of the bully and the defender and protector of your child.

9. Team - working together

Martial arts is not exactly a team sport, but its together that you must train. Each has to look after each other, look after their training partners so to improve and hone their prospective skills. We bow to show respect, we High 5 to say thank you, thank you for being a great training partner. We support each other to improve, to get better, to fight past our body and minds that want to give up. We cheer each on, clap and holler; GO!!! You can do it!!! Come on!!!! Well done!!!

That's a team.

10. Make friends and have fun!

Last but not least, your child can make new friends, sometimes for life, and do that learning new skills, gaining knowledge, and having fun, all in a safe and friendly environment...

The benefits are overwhelming. The scales are in every way are tilted towards the betterment of your child, mentally, physically and emotionally. It's a very tiny investment in their evolution, in their growth and development and least of all their character. Your child learning martial arts comes with a huge payout that’s undoubtedly priceless over their lifetime.

See you at training…


Pil Sung (Certain Victory)

Vince Serra (First 2 Strike Freestyle Martial Arts)

11 Princes hwy, Figtree, Wollongong 2525 NSW


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