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There’s a sickness creeping into the minds of many in our current, “hack”, “comfort” and “instant gratification” new world. A culture bred by much of the social media platforms, modern society, and the “new” parenting practise. This sickness is the idea that you are rewarded highly for very little effort for big returns. This notion that the world is like mummy, and loves you no matter what you do. “Oh, that’s beautiful honey”…clap, clap, clap…

But that's not what the real world is actually like. NO it isn't!

First 2 Strike Freestyle Martial Arts - Train hard and reap the benefits

By doing very little, or just doing something that’s, I don’t know, fractionally entertaining and, “cute”, is met with accolades and grandiose applause. There is a culture that’s handing out trophies for finishing last?! As a parent you see your child do a “song and dance routine”, (and you can see it was nothing good, but you won’t tell them that) and you know it’s without any effort, practice, or hard work, and yet you respond with extravagant applause, ovation and cookies! Clap Clap Clap!

You believe you are doing a good thing.

You believe you are encouraging them, building their self-esteem and confidence.

Your child may get away with it in the safety of your own home; get away with doing very little for big returns. But that’s where the fairytale ends. That’s the limit of that dreamworld!

The show is over and only ones left in the auditorium are the crickets, and they weren’t even watching the show.

In the “real the world”, that kind of effort is met only with discontent, disregard, disapproval, disdain and scorn, sometimes plainly ignored, sometimes even shunned and ridiculed. And then you wonder why so many suffer from low self-esteem and depression. Because nobody will look at your child in the way you do. Nobody looks at you, like your parents do.

The culture of “hard work’ and “challenge” is being belittled and eroded away as not to “stress or cause any anxiety” or “make it hard” or “difficult’, or “hurt their poor little feelings”. There’s some preconception that “pain” should not be endured, and nor should any suffering.

Well, boo-hoo, that’s the way life works. A muscle doesn’t grow unless you add resistance, train it, hard work it. The more pain, the more gain. The more hard work, the more conditioned your body and mind will be when faced with life’s unending and unexpected challenges. That’s what it takes to succeed at anything. I don’t mean succeed in the sense as to be “popular” or “famous” or a “millionaire”, but to succeed within yourself. Succeed in your happiness, achieving your desires, achieving your goals, bettering yourself, getting ”good” at something and mastering something. Achieving your own personal meaning of success, which gives you meaning in life!

Success is being able to do what you want to do everyday! Although you may believe it’s a human right, unfortunately in reality, in life and in our society, it’s far from it. So don’t be deluded. Don’t kid yourself.

To succeed at anything takes alot of hard work, time and energy, and when you do, that's what breeds confidence and self-esteem, courage and bravery, and creates a rich inner self worth.

Hard work is the stuff you need to do that you may not enjoy or not enjoy as much as something else. Sometimes it’s the stuff that can seem boring to you. You may even hate it, but it's that stuff that you need to do to improve, or take you to the next step, the next level. Hard work even feels hard, but that’s what it is; “hard” work, full stop. It’s the stuff that toughens you up, and although this sounds a cliche, it's the stuff that builds character.

Hard work is the stuff where discipline is nourished and nurtured.

It's the stuff that keeps needless, superfluous distractions at bay.

Hard work is the stuff that conditions your body and your mind to confront life’s many trials and tribulations, challenges and difficult situations.

It's the stuff that helps you to get better at your craft, and better as a person!

Hard work is the action you put behind your passion.

Hard work is the stuff CHAMPIONS are made of!

First 2 Strike Freestyle Martial Arts - Champions

Many show up to the Dojang, and think they’re just going to get applause for throwing a punch, or a kick, or rewarded just because they turned up to the class and trained. Giving the maximum of the minimum just to get through. “Going through the motions” and thinking that’s good enough. Thinking just because they’re going to martial arts classes they’re cool, thinking they’re tough. Now after a time, they ask, nay, demand, “When can I grade for my next belt? While some clubs may allow this, at First 2 Strike Freestyle Martial Arts, that’s just NOT GOOD ENOUGH!

“Look at me I’m good. I deserve it.” Does not cut the mustard!

You don’t deserve something just because you “think” you do. It’s seen through your actions.

You deserve it because you have made a real effort.You have put in the hard work. Yes, HARD WORK! You’ve taken up the CHALLENGES thrown at you, time and time again. You have had a great attitude towards learning and practice, towards your fellow students and the art itself. That’s when you “deserve it!”

You deserve it, because you really do deserve it!

You have put in the sweat and tears.

You have done the best of your ability; week in, week out.

You have shown courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self control and indomitable spirit!

You have put in the hard work!

So how does all this translate into what you can do in a martial arts class and in your training?

Listen to your instructor. Listen actively. Listen carefully. Learn. Keep an open mind.

You have to drill and drill the techniques. So what does that mean?

Practise your punches, kicks, blocks, combinations, patterns, techniques etc…over and over and over again. And once you’re good at it, you practice it and train it again, and again...

And once you master it, you drill it again. The fundamentals are your foundations!

Repetition is your best friend. It’s what will build your technique, your power, your speed and most importantly, your instincts.

You find time to train at home.

You cross train - weights and resistance training, swimming, running etc…

When you're tired, you're sore, or you're not feeling so well, or others are distracting you. You don’t stop, you continue, you persevere!

You’re punctual to class.

You commit to classes, every week. There is no excuse to miss a class. Missing a class means you had no choice.

When you “think” a technique or exercise might be a waste of time, or you “ think” it's a worthless exercise, or you “think” it’s not going to make you better, you do it anyway. Why? Because, what would you know? You’re a student. That’s why you are here. To learn and receive the knowledge and wisdom from someone who has trained many years in the art, many years more than you, and now wants to share that with you. Once you are a master yourself, you can train and practice what “you” think is worthwhile, but until then, learn and listen to your instructor, because they really do know better than you at this stage!

Now let me make this clear, it’s not only about learning and training the techniques. It’s about HOW you approach learning and training the techniques. It’s actually mainly about your ATTITUDE. Techniques alone will only get you so far, but having a great attitude will take those techniques to another level, and you to another level as a martial artist and a person.

This is how you progress and achieve a new belt and get to Black Belt and beyond.

You want a reward? Well you're going to have to earn it!

So train hard, listen and learn, work hard, take up the challenges before you, do the best of your ability and be respectful and courteous, have integrity, show self-control, persevere, and you will be rewarded.

You will be rewarded in ways you can’t even imagine, that’s long lasting, and burrowed deep within your soul.

See you at training…


Pil Sung (Certain Victory)

Vince Serra (First 2 Strike Freestyle Martial Arts)

11 Princes hwy, Figtree, Wollongong 2525 NSW


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