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FIRST 2 STRIKE Freestyle Martial Arts - in Wollongong NSW.

Updated: Sep 6, 2022



Location of First 2 Strike Freestyle Martial Arts
First 2 Strike Freestyle Martial Arts (Figtree Community Centre, NSW)

First 2 Strike Freestyle Martial Arts is a new Martial Arts Club in Figtree, Wollongong NSW, founded by Head Instructor Vince Serra. It’s NOT just about one style. There are no rules. It’s neither static nor rigid. It’s freestyle and it’s a relaxed, free flowing and a dynamic training program that's ever evolving to incorporate new concepts, techniques and methods from many martial arts. For what is better for YOUR individual and personal style of Self-Defence.

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Vince Serra and I'm the Head Instructor and founder of First 2 Strike Freestyle Martial Arts. I started in Martial Arts over 20 years ago in Melbourne, in fact not even in this millennium, it was 1999, and "I trained like it was 1999!". I was a late starter, like many other things in my life, but that’s all good, as long as you’re alive, kicking and breathing, then beginning something new is NEVER out of the question! In fact, I’ve recently started training in both Brazilian jiu Jitsu and Judo. it's never too late!

My journey into martial Arts began with Maiolo Freestyle Tae Kwon Do, and to be truthful it was nothing like Tae Kwon Do at all. This had as much punching as it did kicking, no rigid movements, but rather free flowing and relaxed, and more akin to boxing and (muay tai) kick boxing in it’s execution, with elbows, knees, head butts etc… Here I achieved 2nd dan Black Belt given by my instructor Dominic Maiolo, and I still keep in contact with him to this day. He has been a mentor to me in more ways than just martial arts. With his guidance and advice, I decided to open my own club here in Wollongong after moving from Melbourne. It started under the name “Attack Fitness and Martial Arts”. But as time ticked by, it just didn’t feel right, it wasn’t the “feel’ I wanted for the club.

The first strike in an altercation, be it a punch, a kick, a throw, or a takedown, is what leads to who will ultimately win the altercation in a high percentage of street fights, but also in life threatening situations. It could mean the difference between life and death. We don’t need to fall victim, we can take some degree of control over our own protection, over our own lives. I believe strongly in the axiom “Awareness and Avoidance” and in my opinion, this is the First Rule of Self Defence. This is your First Strike. But when that fails, and you have no other choice, then you can’t hesitate, you must be the FIRST TO STRIKE! From this philosophy, First 2 Strike Freestyle Martial Arts was born.

On white logo
First 2 Strike Freestyle Martial Arts - Logo

I strive for a holistic approach to self-defence, which includes; striking (punching, kicking, blocking), grappling, joint locks, takedowns, throws, and ground techniques in defence & attack, situational awareness (Awareness & Avoidance), and through the training and study of martial arts, build confidence, strengthen focus and improve fitness. We are training to prepare both body and mind.

We do have a syllabus, a foundation, basics for you to learn to grade for and progress through our belt system, but as you progress, you are encouraged to 'integrate' concepts, techniques and methods that work best for you. This will take time, but it’s worth it!

...and it's great for all ages. Kids will love it, teens and adults as well, and mature aged can also benefit, as it's not so taxing on the body as many other styles can be.

So no matter what age you are, get into it at First 2 Strike Freestyle Martial Arts.

See you at training…


Pil Sung (Certain Victory)

Vince Serra (First 2 Strike Freestyle Martial Arts)

11 Princes hwy, Figtree, Wollongong 2525 NSW


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