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DON'T BE A VICTIM! Self Defence for Women.

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

Women's Self Defence
First 2 Strike Freestyle Martial Arts

It’s after dark, and you’re alone and walking down a quiet and lonely street. You still have a little while to get home, or to your car. You’re alone, but you know you have the knowledge and the skills that you have learned and developed through your Self defence training, that has prepared you for whatever life might throw at you.

Now that’s confidence.

It's not just about your handbag being whipped away from you, getting mugged, attacked, assaulted, or worse. It’s about confidence. Confidence within yourself. Confidence in the way you approach life, approach work, approach your family, approach home, friends or any situation. The way you walk into a room or a room filled with strangers.

The confidence you feel when you’re walking down that lonely and dark quiet street, with the knowledge and the skills to protect yourself. Not just physically, but also mentally.

It’s not that you believe you are invincible, but that you believe in yourself. And that belief can mean the difference between life and death. Between being a target or being left alone. Your power exudes into the surroundings, which deters many potential attackers by instilling doubt and even fear of retaliation. Retaliation that may lead to them being injured or worse, being captured by the police!

Any deterrent is better then no deterrent!

Learning and training in Self defence is crucial, and should be number 1 on your list of preventative measures. Why?

It's your insurance policy.

It's your security system.

It’s your own personal body guard walking in your shoes, everyday, 24/7.

It's your watch dog and your guard dog.

It's your neighbourhood watch.

It's your powerful force field.

It’s your own superhero looking out for you, up above, waiting, crouched on the top of the city’s tallest building, looking all the way over to the horizon for any dangers coming your way.

It’s your self protection, BUT not only for yourself, but for those you love, the most vulnerable.

And its a warning to the attackers, the criminals, that you are not going to be their victim!

So what is Self-Defence?

Protection of yourself, either by fighting or discussion - Cambridge Dictionary

That’s it in a nutshell, except I’d add “AWARENESS & AVOIDANCE” which in my opinion is the first rule of Self defence.

Fighting; Self defence training teaches you how to “fight” or as I say “combat” the assailant to get away and return safely to your home and to your loved ones.

Discussion: Is very important, and sometimes under valued in regards to Self defence training, but it's an important component. It comes under the umbrella of De-escalation, which is your main aim when faced with a potentially dangerous situation. Discussion and/or, communication is the tool you use to de-escalate the situation and once again walk away safe and sound. But note, when an attacker comes from the place of “asocial aggression”, no words will deescalate the situation nor calm down the individual. That person does not not use words, and neither can you!

Awareness & Avoidance; The First rule of Self Defence.

  • Be aware of your surroundings, the environment around you; Are there Street lights? Is it day or night? Is it raining? What time is it? Is there space around you or obstacles around you? Where are the exit and entry points?

  • Be aware of yourself - Self awareness; What are you doing? How are you feeling? Are you being attentive to your surroundings? Are you tired? Are you preoccupied? Are you distracted? Are you stressed? Are you anxious? Your instincts?

  • Be aware of others; What are people doing? What kind of people are around you? Are there many or few people? Are people alone or in groups? What is the average age of the group? Are they drinking?

  • De-escalation; Use Verbal Self-defence to de-escalate the problem. It’s not worth it!

  • Walk away from the fight. Run to avoid if you have to. Swallow your pride and don’t be the heroine. Avoid dark alleys and unlit streets late at night.

Does self-defence training work?

Unequivocally YES! Self-defence training does work. Now it’s not impenetrable, or you’re not 100% guaranteed to be safe. You are not immune. Don’t walk around with a false sense of security. Be humble. Be aware that you will never be fully prepared, as anything can happen that you are just not prepared for. However, "change favours the prepared mind”, in other words, the more prepared you are, the less you can be taken by surprise or surprised by the unexpected. Self defence training increases your options, gives you knowledge and skills, prepares the body and mind and gives you the confidence that will act as a deterrent too many attackers. They will smell your confidence!

Self defence training empowers you and makes you aware of your responses, your surroundings, your fears, and your strengths and weaknesses. What to look out for as danger signs and what to avoid. How to de-escalate, communicate and protect yourself and those you love. It turns your mind into a 24/7 radar system looking for the bleeps of danger in your trajectory, and keeping surveillance over your safety no-go zone! There are no guarantees when it comes to self-protection, but doing nothing puts you in a far worse position. I know where I’d rather be.

Do I need to train for years to learn how to defend myself?

NO. Not necessarily, though ongoing weekly training does help build and develop reflexes, instincts, knowledge and skills. What you put in is what you get out. Practice is what develops strong instincts. Use it, or loose it! However in saying that, no, you don’t have to. A good self defence course, say an introductory course that runs from 6 to 10weeks (1 day per week), something along those lines, will give you a balanced curriculum, and basic ‘ideas & strategies’ that can stay with you for a lifetime! Just know and understand its limitations and constraints.

What to look for in a women’s self defence Course.

It would want to cover these 6 Basic Self Defence Criteria;

1. Awareness: Situational awareness

2. Avoidance: Self explanatory, just not easy to do sometimes

3. De-escalation; Verbal Self Defence & Body Language

4. Physical Defence Training; Training Physical techniques to combat attackers

5. Strategies and Tactics; Understanding and application of self defence CONCEPTS

6. Mind Preparedness; Training Your Deadliest Weapon

#Note: as you can see, its not so much physical as it is MENTAL!

Women's Self Defence
First 2 Strike Freestyle Martial Arts

First 2 Strike Freestyle Martial arts has 3 options for you to learn self defence;

1. ‘Women Attack’ Introductory Course - a short introductory course that runs over 10 weeks, that will give you a glimpse into many self defence techniques, approaches and tactics as well as basic knowledge and simple skills, that you can take away with you. An introduction into; Deescalation, Awareness, Avoidance, Physical Defence Training, Strategies and Tactics and Mind Preparedness.

2. ‘Women Attack Club’ (ongoing classes) - The Introductory course is a prerequisite to entering the Club, and this builds upon the basics of the “introductory course’ and allows you to drill, practice and hone your self defence skills weekly, as well as learn new techniques, increase your knowledge, improve you strength and fitness and mind, and make new friends in the process. This is very popular for women who don’t anything to formal, but enjoy learning and training self defence and continuing to improve their skills.

3. First 2 Strike Freestyle Martial Arts (Wollongong, NSW) - You can go through our full and comprehensive system of martial arts/self defence to black belt and above, where your ongoing training is optimal for self protection. Everything from striking to grappling, throws, close range, situational awareness, fitness, and the 6 Basic Self Defence Criteria (above), and so on.

It all starts with you, and the investment that you’re willing to put into yourself.

What is better than to invest in yourself?

So get into it.

See you at training…


Pil Sung (Certain Victory)

- Vince Serra - First 2 Strike Freestyle Martial Arts


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